The Mid-Atlantic's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 20, 2023 **

Autocity Imports

Official Sponsor

About Autocity Imports:
Founded in 2002, AutoCity Imports was a different business than you see today. It started with a few friends from the Detroit area customizing and then selling wrecked import vehicles as a hobby. It quickly morphed into something more. The attention of friends and local car enthusiasts started to build around us. Then when we saw that there was a demand not only for selling cars, but also for auto performance parts, AutoCity Imports was born.

Based in the greater Cleveland Metro Area, we now reach a much wider customer base with the leverage of the Internet. We specialize in aftermarket performance parts and exterior styling for sport compact cars.

We have changed a lot over the years as we tried to find our place in the market. In 2019 we came under new ownership with the old Mitsubishi sales and support rep taking over Autocity. What hasn’t changed is our passion for cars and our devotion to our customers. Whether you’re on the phone with us or the other end of an email. You can expect great customer service from a sales team of true car enthusiasts that are just as excited about taking your car to the next level as you are.

Why we love Boxerfest:
We love to connect with our Customers!

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