The Mid-Atlantic's All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff

FedExField - Landover, MD
** June 3, 2018 ** All-Subaru Car Show

2018 Results:

Class First Second
Best Old School Pre-1995 Ryan Cox N/A
Best Legacy & Outback 89-99 Nathanael Carriere N/A
Best Legacy & Outback 00-present Kevin Geist Difranco Aiello
Best Forester Jose Colon Mike Decareau
Best Impreza 93-01 kyle kowalski Dariel Cabrera
Best Impreza/WRX 02-03 Matthew Sterling Mark Minoske
Best Impreza/WRX/STI 04-05 Kyle Taylor Brandon Folk
Best Impreza/WRX/STI 06-07 Eddie Pearce Brad Kester
Best Impreza 08-11 & WRX/STI 08-14 Jeffery Cartwright Anthony Villela
Best Impreza/Crosstrek 12+ Daniel Reamer Amy Golder
Best WRX/STI 15+ KENNY LEE Matt Anthony
Best BRZ/FRS David Mak Frank Fang
Best Other Jessica Rozek N/A
Best Offroad/Rally brandon wuchter Alex Flynn

Bests Winner
Best of show KENNY LEE
Best paint Frank Fang
Peoples choice David Mak All-Subaru Car Show Highlights:

  • Online registration w/ car vehicle profiles & class selection on site
  • Early load-in for Car Show participants (7-8am)
  • The best parking available at Boxerfest 2018
  • Judging software that uses your vehicle profile / mods list

Classes (tentative):

  • Best Old School Pre-1995
  • Best Legacy & Outback 89-99
  • Best Legacy & Outback 00-present
  • Best Forester
  • Best Impreza 93-01
  • Best Impreza/WRX 02-03
  • Best Impreza/WRX/STI 04-05
  • Best Impreza/WRX/STI 06-07
  • Best Impreza 08-11 & WRX/STI 08-14
  • Best Impreza/Crosstrek 12+
  • Best WRX/STI 15+
  • Best BRZ/FRS
  • Best Other
  • Best Offroad/Rally

Awards for each class:

  • 1st place: a custom trophy by Just-N-Tyme Performance, $50 gift certificate, $40 car show entry refund
  • 2nd place: $40 car show entry refund

Rules and Notes

  • Pre-registration is the only way to guarantee entry. Day of registration depends on space available and is unlikely.
  • Car show load-in is from 7am to 8am.
  • All cars must be registered with the car show manager by 8:30am. Awards will be done at 3:30pm. (Tentative)
  • Judges will be using a point based system on different categories.
  • This is a multi-class event.
  • Cars cannot be moved once parked, unless requested by show staff.
  • Cars cannot be parked at vendor booths and must be parked in car show area.
  • The Off-Road class will be parked in the Off-Road Zone
  • Disqualification/Removal: Any exhibitor who fails to follow the written rules and regulations or verbal instruction from the event staff is subject to disqualification and removal from the event. This also includes unsportsmanlike behavior, excessive profanity, or anything else deemed inappropriate by the event staff.
  • Final Say-Event staff / promoters reserve the right to alter or modify the rules listed to enhance the event
  • There will be no participation awards, nor classes based on race, gender, height, species, etc.
  • All cars must be a Subaru or have a substantial amount of Subaru parts.

To register, start by purchasing a ticket here. After you've selected your admissions ticket you can add a car show registration to it.