The Mid-Atlantic's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 18, 2024 **

Keystone State Subies

Subaru Club


About Keystone State Subies:
We are a group of Subaru car enthusiasts who have a passion for our Subies. This group, isn't just a car club We participate in car shows, Spend time with each other beyond car shows and are proactive in the community. In simple terms, we are family.

Why we love Boxerfest:
We love coming to Boxerfest to meet people and check out the great builds.

Why you should come to our booth at Boxerfest 2024:
Keystone State Subie is a welcoming and vibrant club for Subaru enthusiasts of all kinds. group offers a supportive community where members can connect, share their love for Subarus, and participate in various events and activities.

What we're giving away at Boxerfest 2024:
Chemical Guys 990286467 Ultimate Package Car Wash and Shine Detailing Kit

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