The Mid-Atlantic's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 18, 2024 **

About Deceptive Dreamz Car Club:
Deceptive Dreamz Car Club, established in 2008, is a trademarked and copyrighted organization that specializes in events featuring unique and custom builds for all types of enthusiasts, including cars, trucks, bikes, and more. Our membership comprises over 3,500 members from 5 different states, with our headquarters based in York, PA. As part of our community outreach, we partner with various charitable organizations each season, providing financial aid to those in need. Our past beneficiaries have included Vickie's Angels and NAMI, and we have hosted a diverse range of benefit shows. Notably, our "Cars for a Cause" series has raised over $20,000.00 to date, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to supporting worthy causes.

Why we love Boxerfest:
Boxerfest is such a large gathering of automotive hobbyist and fans that we enjoy interacting with.

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