The Mid-Atlantic's Largest Subaru Enthusiast Festival

York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 18, 2024 **

JDMuscle USA

Official Partner

About JDMuscle USA:
We are a small PA Company owned by Fellow Subaru enthusiast that want to offer the best parts, accessories and services to its customers. Although we have been in the industry since 2019, we have tons of experience in the industry, modding and seat time in many of the Subaru Models. We attend many car shows, cars and coffees, as well as cruises in the Tri-State and Mid Atlantic Areas.

Why we love Boxerfest:
We enjoy this show so much, as one of the biggest Subaru only shows on the east coast. But this one is special as it will be our first Wicked Big Meet show as a Vendor. Well get to enjoy Interacting with our customers and fellow enthusiast even more, while displaying our current and latest product releases. We also get a front row seat at to see some of the best Subies in the the Tri-State Area

What we're giving away at Boxerfest 2024:
$500 Gift Card

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