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Dominick L's 2003 Impreza Sedan WRX 2.0L MT

Member #86561

Car Description:
My car is a 2003 Subaru wrx, we got it two years ago, it was 3 colors and had a blown shock. My father and I spent a month going through the car sanding it and cleaning it up to its current state. It is almost completely dent less and the paint job was done my us. A year into having it the turbo blew which gave us a good excuse to upgrade it. The shock fix came later and also was a reason to upgrade it. We have put countless hours into it and have had a blast doing it. The full upgrades on it are: 60ml upgraded turbo, medium flow catback exhaust, STI inner cooler, lowered on BC racing coilovers, after market open air intake, Kaminari wing, and is cobb tuned.

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