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York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 18, 2024 **

Regan D's 2018 Crosstrek Limited

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Car Description:
Wicca joined the fam in July 2023, since then she’s received significant upgrades from interior fun to exterior protection and overland necessities! Wicca is daily driven until the mod is completed we’ll add an additional Subaru. Just a wrx will be the next Subaru purchase. Wicca is happy to hit the trails or just cruise the blue ridge parkway! Our current modifications include all things NashFabCo from ladder to roof rack to ditch light brackets, molle panels and even roof rack handles for easy up access. Wicca is also a firm supporter of amber lighting from rigidindustries as well as a bumper from scorpion extreme! Our next modifications include spiked performance hood vents and a tire swing. In hopes these additions will be added before boxerfest2024! Wicca is my first Subaru so boxerfest2024 is our first Subaru outting aside from local meet and trials/greets! We’re excited to be here and not only support Subaru builds but all builds!

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