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Chris M's 2005 Impreza WRX STI

Member #777

Car Description:
Original Factory Options

STi/SPT Short Throw Shifter (Uninstalled)
Homelink: Garage Door Opener built into the Mirror
Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass
Wheel Locks
Upgraded Security System
Factory Boost Guage on Steering Column (Uninstalled)
STi Blue Factory Floor Mats

Mods List


********Built Motor********
Named: "Elexis" by Rob at EFI Logics
Installed at 39,484 miles

[Short Block]

(All work done at EFI Logics)
-AEBS Ductile Iron Sleeves
-JE Time Attack "FSR" 100mm Forged Pistons and Rings (8.5:1 79 Stroke) ( (Post #5102)
-Manley Turbo Tuff Pro Series I-Beam Forged Connecting Rods
-ACL Race Main Bearings
-ACL Race Rod Bearings
-Aeromotive Top Feed Fuel Rails
-Injector Dynamics 2000cc Injectors
-Polished and Balanced Stock Crankshaft
-ARP Head Studs (Post #5037)
-ARP Block Bolts
-Subaru 2008 STi oil pump shimmed 11mm
-Subaru STi Water Pump (Post #5072)
-Subaru STi Head Gaskets
-Top Feed TGVs (Powder Coated: High Gloss Back to match Cosworth Intake Manifold)
-Blox 3mm Throttle Body Gasket (Post #5614)
-Cosworth Intake Manifold (Powder Coated: Bronze w/ Black Emblem) (Post #5693/5711)
-Baller Bolts Titanium bolts for Vac Block (Post #5813)
-Cosworth Timing Belt Guide (Post #5043)
-Gates Kevlar Timing Belt (Post #5418)
-NGK 1-Step colder spark plugs (Post #848)
-CNC Machined Bored out to 100mm, Balance/Blueprinted rotating assembly to 10k
-Polished Alternator (Post #5116)
-Vibrant Silver Aluminum Cap for APS Coolant Overflow Tank (Post #4900)


Valve job - set valve lash, resurface heads, port heads, and install aftermarket valves.

-SuperTech Exhaust Valves:
Head Diam: 32.50mm (+0.5)
Stem Diam: 5.96mm
Length: 104.20mm (short)
Part Number: SEVN-1012/2
Material: Black Nitrided

-SuperTech Intake Valves:
Head Diam: 36.50mm (+0.5)
Stem Diam: 5.96mm
Length: 103.85mm (short)
Part Number: SIVN-1012/2
Material: Black Nitrided

-SuperTech Spring Set:
Part Number: SPRK-TS1015/SU1
Type: Dual Spring
Press.Seat: 70 @ 35.5
Press.Open: 209 @ 11.5
Max Lift: 14.80
Coil Bind: 20.70mm
Rate: 12.10mm
Retainer: RET-TS60/WRX1+SEAT-TS/SUB1

-SuperTech Titanium retainer seats
-Cosworth KK3766 cams:
-Int 278 Degree / 10.7mm Lift
-Exh 274 Degree / 10.0 mm Lift


Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator (With 6AN Fittings and 90 Degree Return Line) (Post #2708)
-Aeroquip 6AN Fittings (Qty: 03) (Post #2725)
-Aeroquip 90 Degree Swivel 6AN Fitting for fuel return line (Anodized Red/Blue) (Post #2810)
-Aeroquip AQP 6AN Black Socketless Hose (For fuel return line) (Post #2825)
AEM 3.5 Bar MAP Sensor (Post #6178)
APS DR-725 FMIC (Black Core with Bronze Piping) (Post #2058)
ARC Oil Cap (Silver/Gold) (Post #3755)
Baller Bolts Titanium Bolt kit for ARC Oil Cap (Post #5878)
ARC Radiator Cap for Radiator(A-Type, 1.3K) (Post #1258)
ARC Titanium Radiator Shroud (Post #3630)
ARC Titanium Pulley Cover (Post #3075)
A-Spec Titanium Shift Knob w/ Logo (Installed: Need Pics Posted)
ATI Performance Products Super Damper Crank Pulley (Post #2810)
Baller Bolts Titanium Dress Up Kit (Post #5814/5878)
Beatrush Billet Pitch Mount (Post #1920)
Beatrush Alternator Light Weight Pulley (Gold) (Post #3801)
Braille Special Edition STi Limited Carbon Fiber Battery (15lbs: B2015C) (Post #3730)
Braille STi Limited Pink Mounting Kit for CF Battery (Post #3730)
Buschur Racing Oil Filter Shield (Carbon Fiber & Gold Foil Film) (Post #4620)
BorgWarner EFR 8374 Twin Scroll Turbo (4" inlet, 1.05 A/R T4 flange, external wastegate)
Carbon Creations Carbon Fiber Fuse Box Lid (Post #3202)
Cobb AccessPORT Version 2
Cusco Exhaust Hangers (Pg: 42)
Full-Race mandrel bent 3.00" Stainless Steel Downpipe (Rotated)
Full-Race Lower Manifold w/ EGT Bung (Jet Coating: Silver)
Full-Race Twin Scroll Up-pipe w/ Dual TiAL 38mm Flange (Jet Coating: Silver)
-Full-Race Twin EWG Dump Tubes
Full-Race Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Sock (Post #3630)
Full-Race Clutch Brake Fluid Reservoir Tank Sock (Post #3630)
Tomei Full Titanium Catback Exhaust
KICS Magentic Oil Drain Bolt (Gold) (Post #1258)
KillerBMotorsports Oil Pan with additional sensor for Oil Temp (Powder coated black) (Post #4497)
KillerBMotorsports Ultimate Oil Pickup Kit (Post #4497)
KS Tech 8mm Phenolic Spacers w/ Gaskets (Post #1677)
KS Tech 83mm Cold Air Intake
Mechanical CEL Fix for Catless DP (Pg: 31)
NGK 1 Step Colder Spark Plugs (Post #248)
Okada Projects Plasma Direct Coilpacks (Post #2409)
Okada Projects Plasma Spark Plug Boots (Post #2791
Peterson Breather Can (Post #396)
--8AN to -10AN Earl's Expander (Post #3940)
--10AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose Fitting (Post #3940)
--12AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose Fitting (90 Degree) (Post #3940)
--10AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose (Post #3955)
--12AN Aeroquip Socketless Hose (Post #3955)
P&L Motorsports SS AVCS Line w/ Oil Feed Line (Installed: Need Pics Posted)
Koyo Radiator (Post #5489)
Radium Engineering Full Race Fuel System w/Surge Tank
--Dual Bosch 044 Fuel Pumps
Samco Ancillary Hoses (Red) (Post #1970)
Setrab Remote Oil Cooler (Black) (Post #7533)
SYMS Brake Cap (Anodized Prova Gold) (Post #6332)
SYMS Clutch Cap (Anodized Prova Gold) (Post #6332)
TiAL BOV (Black w/ 11 PSI Spring, and an Aluminum Flange) (Post #1223)
TiAL MVS 38mm External Wastegates x2 (Black w/Full-Race logo w/ 1 Bar spring)
T-Bolt Clamps (Post #476)
T-Bolt Clamps for APS DR-725 FMIC (Post #2486)
DW 350gph In tank fuel pump
ZeroSports Cool Thermostat (Post #1846)


AEM UEGO Wideband 02 Gauge (Post #159)
ARC Titanium Shift Knob (Pg: 210)
Autopower Race Roll Bar (Comes with Harness Bar and painted a Charcoal Grey) (Post #1348)
AutoSpeed Dead Pedal (Post #1668)
Brey-Krause Extinguisher Mount & Halon Extinguisher (Post #3875)
Bride GIAS II Gradation CFRP Low Max System Low Cushion x2 (Post #7644)
Custom Wrapped Black Suede Headliner (Post #2021)
Custom Wrapped Rear Parcel Shelf in Black Bride Material (by JPM Coachwerks) (Post #)
Custom Wrapped Door Cards in Black Bride Material (by JPM Coachwerks) (Post #)
Custom Black "Oh Crap" Handles, and various interior trim (Post #2021)
Defi Imperial Amber Boost Gauge (PSI) (Post #832)
Defi Imperial Amber EGT Gauge (Exhaust Gas Temperature) (F) (Post #2058)
Defi Imperial Amber Oil Temperature Gauge (F) (Post #4298)
Defi Imperial Amber Fuel Pressure Gauge (PSI) (Post #6178)
Defi V2 Link Controller (Post #832)
Giga Squash Air Freshner (Green Breeze) (Post #1258)
HKS Turbo Timer Type 1 (Black w/ Blue Display) (Post #660)
Honda S2000 Push Button Start (Post #5614/6178)
I/O Port Racing Camera Mount (Post #1366)
Lotek CF 3-Gauge A-Pillar wrapped in CF (Two Upper 60mm slots, lower is 52mm for Wideband) Thanks William @ Speed Architech (Pg: 82)
Red'ed-Key Ring/Cigarette Lighter/HVAC/Intercooler Switch/Light Leveling Switch/Door Panel Window Switches (Thanks Kevin!) (Pg: 07)
Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Passenger A-Pillar (Post #815)
Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Speedo Trim (Post #2578)
Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped B-Pillar with Seatbelt cover cap (Post #2578)
Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped C-Pillar with Seatbelt cover cap (Post #2578)
Speed Architect Carbon Fiber Wrapped Center Console with Limited HVAC Dials (Post #7669)
"STi" engraving filled in with Red Sharpie Marker
Subaru Black STi (2007 Ver) Floor Mats (For Summer Mode)
Subaru JDM S203 Hazard Button (Post #1572)
Subaru STi 2006 Trunk Carpet
Subaru STi Rear Seatbelt Pads (Post #2578)
Subaru STi Rear Cargo Net
Subaru Factory All Weather Rubber Floor Mats (For Winter Mode) (Post #660)
Super White 4x4 LED Dome Panel
JPM Coachworks Custom Leather E-Brake boot (Black with the Red Stitching) (Post #2518)
JPM Coachworks Custom Leather Wrapped Center Console Lid (Black with the Red Stitching & Padding) (Post #2518)
JPM Coachworks Custom Black BRIDE Wrapped Rear Parcel Shelf (Post #)
Willans 6x6 Saloon Harnesses Black (3" Shoulder/3"Lap Belts, FIA Approved, Part No: CB633) (Post #6547)
Willans Nomex Harness Pads Black (3", Part No: HPN3) (Post #6547)
Works Bell Steering Wheel (Black Leather with Red stiching) (Post #4518) (Installed Post #7644)
Works Bell Short Hub (Post #7644)
Works Bell Quick Rapfix Steering Wheel Quick Release (Black) (Post #7644)
ZeroSports Shift Boot (Black with the Red Stitching) (Post #2159)
ZeroSports CF Gauge Pod for 60mm Defi Gauges (Post #3647)
6-Speed STi Shift Pattern Jewel (Post #670)


AeroCatch Plus Flush Kit (Locking) w/ AeroCatch tamperproof upgrade (Post #4512)
Beatrush Aluminum Underpanel (Post #7644)
Bosch Icon Wiper Blades
Chargespeed Version 1 Rear Lip (Pg: 97)
Cleared Front Headlamps (Thanks Caesar!) (Pg: 07)
Debadged "S U B A R U" on trunk (Pg: 04)
FUJIMURA AUTO Rocket Dancer Hood in FRP
FUJIMURA Rocket Dancer Rain Protector
Full-Race License Plate (Pg: 185)
Granador Carbon Powered Mirrors (Post #7669)
Hella Supertone Horn Kit (118db: Painted Semi-Flat Black with a clear coat) (Pg: 03)
Hyper White Parking Lights *194's*, Chrome Amber Turn Signal Bulbs *7440's*, (Pg: 07)
- From: Tail Light Brake Light Turn Signal LED Bulbs
Ings+1 Front Bumper (Material: Hybrid Aero w/black painted mesh) (Post #1526)
Ings+1 Carbon Fiber Front Canards (Post #4997)
Ings+1 Side Skirts (Material: Hybrid Aero w/black painted mesh) (Post #1526)
IWSTi Decals (Post #215)
JDM Karenha Elderly Driver Badge Leaf (OLD/ADVANCED) (Post #1258)
JDM Tail Light Mod (Thanks Caesar!) (Post #248)
JDM Tilted front license plate bracket (Pg: 07)
Prodrive Rear Diff Guard (Post #4101)
RS Wingless Trunk (Post #3755)
NRG Chargespeed Replica Carbon Fiber Mirrors (Post #1555)
Seibon Carbon Fiber Vortex Generator (Roof Version) (Post #2127)
Subaru STi Black/Chrome Rear Trunk Badge (Post #2578)
Subaru JDM Rain Visor (Post #1348)
Subaru Spec-C Roof Vent (Post #1394)
Syms Front Fenders (20mm wider)
-With JDM Subaru Clear Side Markers with Amber Bulb (Smoked Lenses)
Syms Replica Wing (3-Way Adjustable Carbon Fiber Center Blade) (Post #193)
Top Secret Titanium Tow Hook (Front) (Post #7045)
Varis CF B-Pillar Trim (For the outside) (Post #3913)
WRC Pig Decals (On Rear Door Windows: Black/White) (Pg: 73)
Zerosports/East Cloud carbon fiber gas cap (Post #4180)
35% Tinting all around, 35% Tint strip in the front windshield (Thanks Lee!!) (Post #726)


6GunRacing Ball Joint Relocation Kit with tie rod adapters (Post #4495) (Waiting To be Installed)
ARP Extended Wheel Studs
Car Labs X-Brace (Post #2519)
Cusco Engine/Tranny Mounts (Post #
Cusco Zero 2E Coilovers with E-Con controller (Post #1039)
Cusco Rear Trailing Arms (Post #4673)
Cusco Spanner Wrenches for Zero 2E Coilovers (Post #1258)
Cusco Titanium Front Strut Brace (Post #4)
Cusco 22mm Front and Rear(3-way Adjustable) Sway Bars (Post #6)
Cusco Power Trunk Brace (Post #4180)
GTSpec Anti-Lift Kit (Race Version) (Post #1846)
GTSpec Fender Braces (Post #5747)
GTSpec T Brace Set with Subframe Locking Bolts (Post #1000)
GTSpec Lower Tie Brace (Post #1000)
GTSpec Differential Mount (Post #1000)
Penguin Garage HubCentric 5mm Wheel Spacers (front)
Poltec Sway Bar Collars (21-24 mm) (Pg: 34)
Whiteline 22mm Heavy Duty Sway Bar Mounts (Post #42)
Whiteline Solid Front and Rear Endlinks (Post #2021)
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings (Post #1668)


Cobb SS Brake Lines (Post #258)
Cusco Brake Cylinder Stopper (Post #1846)
Ferodo DS2500 High Performance brake pads - Front & Rear (Post #4218)
Girodisc Rear 2-piece floating rotors (slotted: 7lbs per corner weight savings) (Post #4218)
Girodisc Titanium Shims (Front) (Post #4218)
Girodisc Titanium Shims (Rear) (Post #4218)
Motul RBF660 DOT 4 Synthetic Brake Fluid (2 Bottles) (Post #4218)
Performance Friction 2-Piece Front Rotors (Dimpled) (Post #3916)


ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshaft with the New Yoke (First one available to an STi in the USA!) (Post #876)
ARP Extended Wheel Studs (Post #7614)
Amsoil Severe Gear 75W90 Synthetic Oil (Replaced at 31k miles) (Post #1328)
Clutch Valve Delete Mod (Pg: 86)
Exedy Twin Disc Clutch/Flywheel (Post #4906)
Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid used as Clutch Fluid (Post #
Subaru JDM Rear LSD Oil (Replaced at 28k miles) (Post #
Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Braided Clutch Line (Post #859)
TiC 6MT Pivot Bushing
TiC Tranny Crossmember Bushings (Post #1259)
TiC Rear Diff Clunk Killer with Kartboy Bushings (Post #2)
TiC STi Super Shifter Set with Kartboy Short Throw Lever & Bushings (Post #2)


AlpineStars Tech 1-K Racing Gloves (Black/Grey Suede) (Post #651)
Braille Battery Trickle Charger (Post #3701)
Canon ZR-850 Digital Mini-DV Video Camera (Post #1328)
Motive Power Clutch & Brake Bleeder for 2005 STi (Post #4298)
Motive Bleeder Bottles (2) (Post #4298)
Pyrotect Clossed Face SA2005 Helmet:Black (Post #67)
Pyrotect Helmet Bag (Post #67)
RACE RAMPS 67 XTs (Post #3913)
RACE RAMPS TRAK-JAX with bump stop (Post #3913)
VP Racing Fuels Jug (Blue) (Post #388)


17x8" Work Emotion CR in Gunmetal mounted on Michelin Pilot Alpine PA2 (Post #888)
Tire Tote & Wheel Felts for Transportation/Storage (Post #2021)


17x8" ASA JH3's with Bridgestone Potenza RE070's (Track/Backup Set) (Post #878)
17x8" Gold BBS rims with Bridgeston Pontenza RE070's (Track/Summer Season) (Post #898)
17x8" 'Time Attack style' BBS rims with Kuhmo Ecsta V710's R-Compounds (245/45/17) (Track only) (Post #4381)
Tire Tote & Wheel Felts for Transportation/Storage (Post #2021)


18x9.5 (38mm+) Rota Grid Matte Black with Michelin Pilot Super Sport (255/35/18)

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