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Austen Knight's 1995 Impreza Sport Utility Coupe

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Car Description:
Originally purchased for parts I decided to resurrect this thing from the dead for a winter car and have since fallen in love with it.

1995 Impreza Coupe L
1999 outback limited 4.11 5speed w/vlsd
Odometer stopped at 380k miles

Power-LOL you read that it's a 1.8 right?
Extra open vacuum ports cuz I'm scared that if I hook them up it'll quit working
Super custom exhaust with rebar hangers

Back seat delete (didn't come w/ it)
Door panels delete (didn't come w/ it)
Stereo delete (didn't come w/ it)
Operating windows (didn't come w/ it)
Loose live wires in dash (did come w/ it, thanks PO)

2001 KYB AGX Forester struts
2001 Forester springs
Anderson Design and Fab trailing arm spacers (Geometry correction)

Wheels and tires
5x Team Dynamic Pro Rally wheels
5x Yokohama geolanders

Custom matte green paint over plastidip
Wingless oem trunk
Rigid Industries D2 spot lights
Hoonigan tag on hood

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