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Matthew G's 1997 Other RX-R

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Car Description:
Subaru Vivio RX-R kei car.
This car was modified in Japan for rally. It has a Bride LoMax driver seat and a unbranded co-driver seat.
The interior has been mostly removed. It has KYB Super Rally Struts and features Yokohama Advan Neova tires(not sold in the US in this tire size) on factory 13in wheels.

The engine is completely stock and makes 65hp. It is equipped with a factory AMR300 supercharger and makes 12psi of boost. A boost gauge was installed and reads psi for easy reference.

The plan for this car is to install wider wheels and put the appropriate size fender flares.

This is my racecar version of the Vivio. I also have a red 1997 RX-R which has an upgraded ecu and supercharger making 120hp and 20psi of boost.

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