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Lee Bouvier's 2021 Impreza WRX Premium

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Car Description:
Hi, My name is Lee, I have been a Subie girl for a long time even thought I didn't own one until a few years ago, I started with a '99 Outback, Then I got my Impreza in '21. I brought my Impreza to Boxerfest in 2022 with a half wrap that I completed all myself with no previous experience. I recorded my videos and uploaded them online and inspired many others to wrap parts or all of their car. It was very humbling. My original plan was to wrap the other side of my Impreza in '23 with a pattern so I can see how that would be to work with. However, my dream car was the WRX, and my plan was to fully Galaxy wrap it, so in October of 2022 I found a good deal on a WRX, I traded my Impreza for my WRX. I loved my Impreza and since I never got to try out the patterned wrap I became "the half and half" girl. Because of this, I decided to wrap my WRX only half in Galaxy to honor my Impreza, and on the grey side I put stars on that I originally had on my very first car to honor that car. Because if it wasn't for either car I would not have my WRX. I also have galaxy interior pieces done such as my door panels done in galaxy fabric, Billetworkz shift knob and ebrake handle. StitchBoots shift boot and ebrake boot, in galaxy. I did my pillars in galaxy and some purple trim inside as well. I absolutely love my car because I put my heart into it. I love that I still inspire people to attempt to wrap or do cosmetic interior things. I encourage people to at least TRY. Because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to be where I am today.

Aside from that, I have met amazing people along the way. I go to local car shows with them and just enjoy the community. People also enjoy seeing pictures of my cats, Arthas and Sylvanas laying on or in my car. Typically when I'm doing things with my car, Arthas is out right by my side. I call him my "car cat". I enjoy recording everything that I do to my car and uploading for others to see. I'm excited to continue my journey.

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