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Mariah G's 2017 Impreza WRX Limited

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Car Description:
My Subaru WRX Limited aka Zephyr is super special, to me anyway because it has always been my dream car for years. Zephyr has a CVT transmission and has never seen snow, and she only has 19k miles on her, had 7k when I bought. She also has newish wheels and tires, as of 2023. The brand of wheel I choose was Niche and they are a super cool bronze or light copper color. They are unique because they are a 18x8 with a +30 offset, and I used black lugs which fits them nicely, and I even made sure to have black weights, that you can't see anyway. When you take a closer look at them you can see that the wheel looks like there is a wheel inside a wheel. The inner part has some black rivets in which line the outer edge and the outer part of the wheel has 10 spokes. I put a set of goodyear eagle sport tires on the wheels which I had to use a 245 40 18 to fit the car and give it just the look I was going for. She just got tinted tails and a headlight overlay to really tie everything together. Zephyr does not even have any scuffs, scratches, or dings on her. The inside looks just as great as the outside. Her black leather interior is perfect, the carpets under the weather tech floor liners are perfect as well. She still smells new for the most part and is my absolute pride and joy. I take absolute pride in keeping her clean and spotless any chance I get, and getting complements and those subie waves make everything worth while to me. Even close to 4 years of ownership I still get excited when another subie waves at me. This community is something special in itself.

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