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** August 18, 2024 **

Michael Scholtz's 2016 Impreza WRX STI Hyperblue series lim

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Car Description:
Fully built, around 650+hp, show mode headlights and tailights. Just installed an IAG stage 3 Magnum block with a full rotated turbo setup. All my piping is titanium and my Corsa Veloce intake manifold is a 1:1 done to match the color of the car. Every piece of this car has been touched. Most all work has be done by either me or 6 star Performance and Fabrication. This car will be a daily/street car for now, but once winter comes it will have the full Varis widebody kit installed as well. The interior is absolutely full of carbon fiber, engine bay dressed up with burnt titanium bolts and carbon fiber as well just to make all pretty mods prettier. I absolutely love the Subaru community and I love my car!

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