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Justin K's 2006 Impreza Limited Wagon STI

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Car Description:

My Subies name is Liz and she is a 2006 Subaru Limited WRX Wagon. She is my daily driver. I bought a 2007 Subaru STI that was wrecked. I decided to make the Subaru STI wagon that Subaru should have imported.

I swapped everything over from the STI including the full harness (which was a pain because not only did I have to strip the interior but I had to depin and repin the wagon body harness into the STI harness). I even kept the OEM intercooler sprayer. Obviously I retained the nice STI dash pieces as well, but I did not use the blue interior as I think the black limited interior looked cleaner. I even swapped the fuel tank. The only STI parts I did not use was the seats, carpet, door cards, and obviously the wing

Like all cars we fall in love with, she has snowballed into a full blown racecar. She's been accepted into boxerfest for 3 years straight now, but unfortunately couldn't make it for 2023 due to lifting both heads. However, this year, she is on version 3 of the build. There has been no corners cuts. She's practically finished, just needs a tune, but she'll have that before boxerfest. I only have progress pictures right now, but the last pictures are what she is looking like.

This is my baby, and I have a lot done to her. All of the work has been done by me. Liz is wrapped in Teckwrap Gunsmoke Grey with yellow accents (Brembos and intake manifold powder coated yellow among other things). There are a lot of little things that make this a one of a kind build.

Other notable things I have done: provo mirrors, JDM auto folding mirrors (that was a pain to get to function correctly with key fob) 2012 STI steering wheel with all buttons functioning that make her 1 of a kind.

Here is a complete mod list:
IAG Stage 2.5 Closed Deck Rebuilt by Perfect Circle Engines Pinned Mains, ARP Case Bolts
W25 heads Built by Headgames - Pocket Blend, GSC S1 264 Cams, GSC Conical Springs and Retainers
ARP 625+ HeadStuds
Athena Cooper Ring Headgaskets
Garrett G30-770 .83 A/R Compressor/Turbine Ceramic Coated by Full Race
11mm Oil Pump +2 Shims
JDM Hi-Flow Water Pump
Killer B Ultimate Oil Pan, Baffle & Pick Up

Intank hanger:
DW400 Lift Pump
10ga Wire bulkhead
Radium 3/8" FKM submersible e85 hoses
Radium Venturi Jet on Return Line
-8an Feed To Surge
-6an Return From Surge

Radium Multi Pump Surge with 2x Walbro 450s
Radium High Flow 6 Micron Post Surge Filter
Aeromotive Dual -6an to -8an Distribution Block
Radium Fuel Level Fail Safe
-8an feed to firewall, -6an return to firewall

Motion Works E85 Continental Sensor -8an Mount with OEM GM sensor on Feed side
Turbosmart 1200 FPR
-8an to -6an Aeromotive Distribution block to fuel rails (Parallel)
Outfront Rails
Id1700s Tested/Cleaned by BoostLabs

Engine Management:
Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with Boomslang Harness (Originally for a SAVC harness but now modified for DAVCS)
Haltech WB1 Canbus Wideband Controller
Haltech 12 I/O Expander
Flexfuel/Speed Density
MAPDCCD With Advanced Wheel Speed Sensor Signal Processor and Cluster Driver
Garrett Turbo Speed Sensor
Nissan GTR 3 Port EBCS
Rife IAT Sensor in Intake Manifold
AEM Fuel Pressure Sensor Brass 100PSI
SYLTECH - 1/8″ MSCS Pressure Temp Combo Sensor (2nd Galley Plug)
AEM Coolant Pressure Sensor Stainless 150PSI
Haltech 52mm CAN Gauge
Innovate MTX Oil Pressure (1st Galley Plug)/Temp Gauge (Oil Pan)
Innovate EGT Gauge monitoring CYL 4

Bolt Ons:
Killer B Holy Headers Swaintech Coated & Rotated Uppipe
38mm Tial MV-S Wastegate (17.40 PSI Black, Blue)
3" Rotated Catless DP to Cobb 3" Stainless Cat Back
Funk Motorsports Turbo Blanket, Tial-V Blanket, Titanium Wrap on Uppipe & Downpipe
Treadstone 600hp FMIC /w Reverse Intake Manifold
Tial Q BOV 11lb spring
IAG v2 TGV Deletes
IAG V3 Competition AOS drained to a catch can
FluidAmpr Crank Pulley
Torque Solutions AVCS/Turbo SS Braided Turbo Oil Feed Line
-10an Turbo Oil Return Line with Torque Solutions Fitting
-6an Feed/Return Turbo Coolant Lines
HPS-4301 Airfilter 4"
IAG V2 Alternator Relocation
NGK LFR7AIX Gapped .018"
Getadom Cyl 4 Cooling Mod
Mishimoto Radiator
Evil Energy Coolant Overflow
Aluminati Coolant Expansion Tank
iWire Battery Relocation Kit
Fullthrottle FT410
MOTUL Synergie 6100+ 10w-40
Subaru Blue Super Coolant

ACT Extreme Duty Street Clutch (Already broke in, ~5k miles on it)
Streetlite Flywheel
Aluminati Solid Engine Mounts
Torque Solutions Solid Transmission Mount
Torque Solutions Solid Pitch Mount
Kartboy Shortshifter
Torque Solutions Solid Shifter Bushing

BC BR Coilovers
Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Front/Rear s
Swaybar Kit
Whiteline Front and Rear Poly Bushings Essentials Kit (Every Bushing on the Car)
Whiteline Center Roll Kit
Whiteline Adjustable Rear Lateral Links
Solid Fender Braces
DBA Slotted Rotors
Grimmspeed Master Cylinder Brace
Goodrich SS brakelines
Motul 600 Brake Fluid

JDM Autoclosing Sideview Mirrors
Provo Yellow Antiglare Convex Mirrors
Front Lip
C Lights with LED bulbs
TeckWrap Matte Metallic Gray

Provo Yellow Convex Rearview Mirror
2012 STI Steering Wheel with functioning radio/cruise control buttons. Cancel button = Rolling Anti-Lag
Blackview DR-900-2CH Dashcam

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