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Larry J's 2015 BRZ RS1

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Car Description:
The overall goal of my build is to show my interpretation of the Hayate (Gail / Strong Wing) Ki-84 warplane. This was the fastest warplane made by Japan during WWII, some variants could even outrun the P-47 Thunderbolt and P-51 Mustang . This plane was made by Nakajima Aircraft Company, After the war Nakajima was broken up into 10 pieces by the allies. Six of those pieces came together to form Subaru. The Kanji on the Japanese plate on the front of the car stands for the Gunma prefecture where Subaru's first manufacturing plant is located, this plant made/makes the BRZ/ FRS / 86, this plant is also the very same building where the Ki-84 was manufactured in. The #384 on the plate is the number of my vehicle out of the 1,500 RS 1 special editions. Listed by the parts below I will also explain some of the choices I made and how they related to warplane inspiration above. (The 84 in the last two digits of edition number helped lead to the rabbit hole of the concept and vision for this build)

Staggered BBS RS forged wheels 17x7.5 front 18x9 (These wheels were chose because they resemble the outline of a radial piston engine, this type of engine was used by the Ki-84), BBS Valve steam caps (little details matter) Yokohama S-Drive Tires 215/40R17 Front 265/35R18 rear, two 20 mm spacers front, Whiteline adjustable endlinks, Raceseng cam seal, removed clutch pedal return spring, modified clutch pedal engagement, custom vinyl on the side of vehicle, carbon fiber door handle cup inserts coated matte black to match vinyl stripping (matte black was used to emulate paints used on war planes because reflective paint could make the plane more easily spotted), window switch vinyl wrap, machine turned dash and gauge cluster vinyl wrap containing genuine metallic silver (this took 3 years to find the right material and going through multiple vinyl artists to make this come out right), ABC pillar vinyl wrap (All the vinyl colors and finishes instead were chosen to get the feel of a cockpit with raw exposed metal pillars made from aircraft grade metals, machine turned finish to emulate what would have been used in a high end sports car and racing planes from that time period) (All the interior panels that have vinyl wrap on them had to be aggressively sanded to remove the OEM impregnated patterns and be base painted to make the vinyl stick), bespoke LED fog lights, Intec side marker indicator garnish inserts, Aodhan lug nuts color matched to BBS logo within the wheels (this took 8 different sets of lug nuts and experiments in powder coating to finally find ones that matched), custom rear bumper finish and rear chrome re-badging, replaced OEM airbag with Subaru airbag, 4th Valenti sequential brake light with chrome finish, Buddy club taillights with custom vinyl wrap. chromed interior pieces (embellishments inside and out on sports cars at the time would have always been in chrome), machined reverse lock out to match shift knob, bespoke shift knob (The kanji on the shift knob is how the Hayate Ki-86 is written in Japanese. The font used as the same font used for stamping the serial numbers on Japanese rifles during WWII. I chose Ki-86 over Ki-84 in this location as a nod to the cars origins of the BRZ / FRS / 86. The red on top of the shifter was chosen to emulate the fire button on a control yoke of a fighter plane), bespoke JDM gauge cluster (chosen emulate the look of gauges used in that period). Vertical Door Kit (to emulate wings), Victory Function Fenders ( to give an impression of flight), RK Sport ram hood with functional hood scoop (this emulates the cowling intake on the Ki-84 that fed air directly into the supercharger of the plane, in this vehicle it force air directly onto the intake), JDM S-Craft rear wing (resembles an airplane tail from the era) , Quik-latch hood stays (big chrome releases to emulate release points used on racing planes from this era), rear louvers color matched (to emulate the cockpit to tail area on the fuselage of racing planes from this area). Focal K2 3 Way component speakers, Focal K2 rear coax speakers, Alpine V9 5 Channel Amp, JBL 11.3 spare tire hub mounted subwoofer, Pioneer DMH-WT8600NEX head unit, 3 Ballistic mat acoustic dampening kits, 1 Ballistic foam acoustic dampening mat, Backup camera, Front camera, Dash cam, Rear cam Airlift Performance 3P kit, D2 Suspension Air Struts, Verus Lower control arms bespoke finish, South Bend Stage III daily clutch, EXEDY Flywheel, JDL Turbo Kit GTX2860RS, JDL Slim Fan shroud, SPAL 909 CRM Fan, CSG Forced Induction Tuning, HKS S-Type Oil Coiler, JDL Ultra Quiet Combo Pipe resonated and catted, Corsa polished sport cat-back exhaust, bepoke y-pipe to OEM RS1 TRD quad exhaust tips. Verus Air Oil Separator kit, Optima Yellow Top Battery, Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel Kit, Injector Dynamics ID1050x FRS/BRZ/86, Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector USCAR to Denso PnP Adapter Set, Full Blown Walbro 485 Fuel Pump Kit - FRS/BRZ/86 ( Methanol / Ethanol injection was also used in some variants of the Ki-84)

Another design consideration of this build was to make it look clean, unified, and how I think it would have looked under the hood if a turbo was offered OEM.

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