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Efraim Ramirez's 2019 Impreza S209

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Car Description:
#88/209 S209 with less than 450 miles on the clock. Ceramic coated, garage kept. It is the best drivers car I had. The most connected and fun, not my fastest, my Evo VIII is my fastest, but is so good to drive. We only take it for car shows. With Covid we have not taken it to any this year, but for Boxerfest we are making an exception.

We had eight Subies, This one is the most fun. The handling is something special. You can't put in paper how this thing moves. It's a gut feel. The way the car moves though the turns is secure. it doesn't push like like a regular STI. The suspension is so good it makes you look like a seasoned driver.

In the interiors is Subaru, what you expect? besides the obvious S209 badging nothing else is much different from a regular STI. It has the pink bits inside.

On the exterior is where it stands out from the STI. The car is wider, the fender extensions makes it look meaner. The wing complements the look.

What I really like is that is has everything that I would do to a STI but with a warranty!

I think Subaru needs to bring more of this unique cars. Subaru offers serious value for your money.

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- Ramirez

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