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Cameron Seilhamer's 2004 Impreza WRX

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Car Description:
Recently bagged, would like to post up for sale at event. My WRX is pretty high mileage (around 190k), but always meticulously maintained. I'm the third owner after two older police officers, and I bought the car in 2017. All three of us have changed oil every 3k-3,500 miles, and I've also kept up with other fluid changes such as coolant, tranny fluid, diff fluid, brake fluid and clutch fluid. The oil and coolant are fresh, as I changed it before storing at my friend's garage until I had some more time to work on it. I have a set of rear wheel bearings, but was told it wasn't the cause of a noise I began to hear when driving and had the issue resolved since. If you're really interested, I have a bunch of extra goodies that should go with the car as well, such as some authentic BRIDE Low Max buckets, stock wheels, and coilovers (on before I got the air lift). The paint is sort of rough, and there's a few minor dings. It's 17 years old after all. The interior is very well taken care of. I've never beat on the car (you'll hear that a lot from Subie owners, but I baby the shit out of all my cars). The car's been very well maintained between the three owners that have had it, I just also own a 2010 STi hatchback that I've been putting some money into, and I've wanted a relatively unmolested Miata for awhile now. I have roughly $10,000 put into this WRX, at first making it more reliable with a cooling mod and air-oil separator, then moving into things like wheels and suspension. As I’ve said before, the car has been really well taken care of all it’s life, but just to be on the safe side, especially with higher miles. It isn’t the most perfect or most modded Subie around at first glance, but Subrina is sure to catch some eyes if accepted for Boxerfest this year.

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