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Hayden S's 1999 Outback Limited

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Car Description:
My 1999 subaru outback wagon linited started it's life as most most others of it's time, with the dohc 2.5l mated to a 5mt, equipped with heated leather seats, a/c, powersteering, and a pioneee stereo system. Along the lines it was given a heart transplant, with a newer 2.5i block (casings, pistons, rods, bearings, crank, etc) but it didn't like to run with the dohc non avcs heads of the 2.5d, which it had. So when it fell into my possession, it locked up inexpectedly while driving one day. Since then, I've had two ej22's in it, currently on a 2.2e with a full custom exhaust and heavy duty clutch, full SLO 5" lift kit with 1.125" wheel spacers on jeep grand cherokee 5x114.3 mags wrapped in some goodyear wrangler 30x9.50x15's. Has front and rear tan cloth seats and steering wheel from a '07 outback sport, '02/03 wrx 5mt with a short throw and STI knob, fully funtional snorkel intake hose, custom spare-tire tray storage box, roof mounted pod lights, spare wheel mount on hatch, and a roof basket from a hummer

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