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York Fairgrounds - York, PA
** August 21, 2022 **

Lee G's 2021 Impreza Premium

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Car Description:
My name is Lee, This is my first ever new car. Ive wanted a Subaru since I started driving. I purchased a '99 Outback and drove that in 6 inches of snow and the car was a beast! It convinced me to buy a new one. To the dealership I went and bought my Impreza. My goal is to own a WRX but I started small. I never was one to be part of the crowd. This car was no different. All my mods currently are cosmetic. My first mod was Rok Blokz mud flaps. Second was the rain guards. All of which I installed myself. My biggest one that I am most proud of, is my half wrap. I did it all myself. It took me around 50 hours and lots of sweat and tears but I am so happy with the outcome! It stands out a lot, so much so that people who know me see my car from so far away and send me a message. I also completed a DIY mesh grille, which included cutting out the frame from the grille and putting the mesh inside and reattaching. I was worried to do this since I had to take the bumper off. I have never done any of this before but so glad YouTube and the Facebook groups i'm part of are super helpful. I also installed LED headlights and I had window tint put on. I even used the actual vinyl from my car on my nails and did a matching nail set for Boxerfest. My car is super important to me and I am so proud that I was able to accomplish this all myself, and plan to do a few more things in the future. I have inspired many online to do similar things which is such an amazing feeling.

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