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About the 26:

This car, with potentially the longest name in the industry, saw a production run of only 300 units exclusively for the Japanese market. Under the hood you find a specially modified boxer engine with a bigger turbo and a much more free-flowing exhaust which allows the car to produce 320hp and 318ft lbs of torque. Lucky buyers were able to choose from a list of STI options which included Recaro seats, heavier duty anti-roll bars, stiffer springs, bigger brakes, a carbon fiber wing and silver wheels.

- 2.0 liter EJ20
- Contributed to the spec C’s homologation requirements for the Production World Rally Championship (PWRC)
- Limited to a production run of 300 vehicles
- Reinforced strut tower braces and rear crossbar
- 18-inch alloy wheels
- Color choices limited to white, blue or yellow
- Rally-style roof scoop / ventilator
- Released in November, 2006

The Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec C Type RA-R was considered by many to be the ultimate street-going GD chassis Subaru. There was a very high level of focus on the vehicle’s driving performance. The ‘RA’ stands for ‘Record Attempt’, with an additional ‘R’ as a tip of the hat to the car’s racy and radical demeanor. Based on the GD chassis WRX STI spec C, the shape and number of turbine blades in the large turbo with ball bearings was re-engineered, and the air duct hoses were given increased thermal resistance, as well as being made straight. To accommodate these modifications, a specially developed sport-tuned ECU was installed to dramatically boost top power and the car’s response in medium and high-speed ranges. All links around the suspension had pillow ball bushings, while reinforced stabilizers, dampers, and springs were introduced to drastically reduce the feel of rolls. Special Brembo callipers and discs were used for the brakes, and special aluminium wheels were fitted with 235/40R18 tires. A front under skirt with skirt lip was added to strengthen the road-holding ability of the front wheels. Just 50 units in Astral Yellow were released as a special limited color edition. This Impreza was made to be simply fast, safe, and a serious drive.

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