The Mid-Atlantic's All-Subaru Shootout and Showoff

York Fairgrounds - York, PA
Postponed until 2021

MtnRoo Off-Road Zone

The MtnRoo Off-Road Zone is a special area of the Boxerfest parking lot for overland inspired Subies to park together. Feel free to bring a prop that doesn't make a mess!

Anyone with a ticket to Boxerfest is allowed to park in the off-road zone as long as he or she has an overland inspired Subaru! Note: The off-road car show class will not be parked in the off-road zone this year.

You can join the FB group here:

MtnRoo activities happening at Boxerfest 2020

Balance Test:

Test out your driver skills on the Balance Logs provided by Anderson Design & Fabrication! Drivers will be given two attempts to pull off a perfectly balanced vehicle on these heavy duty slabs of fabricated metal. A good driver, perfectly in tune with their car, will find these seemingly simple slabs both challenging and fun. This obstacle will put your driving techniques to the test. If you have a lot of trail crawling experience, you know how important it is to sometimes get over a rock or through a rut at a slow pace as to not cause damage to your car. With this trial, you’ll not only have to put in just the right amount of throttle to make it up but you’ll also have to have perfect timing with your brakes to stop at the apex before fall down the other side.

Meet and Greet:

Victor May, the founder of MtnRoo, will be attending Boxerfest this year. He is looking forward to meeting everyone and checking out their rides. He will also be the judge of “Best Off-Road” so if you are looking to win a trophy, be sure to walk him through your build as he understands off-roading is not just about looking pretty, it is also about being well equipped for the challenges we have to face on the trails. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

Suggested props and ideas for Boxerfest 2020:

If you want to stand out in the crowd, bring a prop such as a tree stump, service ramp or something stable and safe to park your car on. If you bring a service ramp to “flex” on, it might be a good idea to bring some rocks to put around the ramp to give it more of an outdoors look.

A lot of us have scratches on our paint and no matter how much we clean our cars, we just can’t pull off that shiny car show look. If that is the case, consider getting your car covered in mud. Show off the fact that you use this car on the trails and shine isn’t the reason you built your rig.

Note about entering the Boxerfest 2020 Off-Road Class:

If you are entering the car show to try and win a trophy for best Off-Road, you will be parked inside the car show and not in the Off-Road Zone.