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Danielle Long's 2004 Impreza WRX STI

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Car Description:
My car is a 2004 Aspen white Impreza WRX STI. I have had my car for about 2 years this year and named her Willow. She is in pristine and mint condition. I do like to keep her stock mostly, except for cosmetic modifications. She has the V7 blue interior as well. I currently only have an air intake on her. She also has the original gold BBS’s that came with the car. She also has a cat-less exhaust. I plan on putting in a new NRG hub with a new steering wheel. I love the stock look and feel because there aren’t too many stock blobeye STI’s in the same condition as mine anymore. So I feel as though it’s more rare to see a car like mine rather than modded. Willow is however 1 out 250 in the United States imported from Japan that year that was aspen white with the v7 interior and gold BBS’s. She currently has 109,000 miles on her. She has very clean and crisp original interior. My blobeye still has all original stock parts under the hood as hell, except for minor thing like hoses, sensors, etc. No one has ever touched the engine or motor or even put in a different turbo. And I honestly plan to keep her that way because of how clean and smooth my ride is. I like having a stock STI because of never having any internal issues or have to worry about breaking down. I enjoy my cosmetic "build" and like having a tradition stock blobeye STI in a more rare color.

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